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We hope you find the below Frequently Asked Questions helpful!

Q: HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? A: This is the #1 question I get asked at performances! I have avoided creating a MENU of costs because I have learned that every event is indeed different! In addition I do my very best to offer the lowest cost with the greatest value!

Q: How far do you travel? A:  Anywhere!

Q: Where have you performed? A: Check out the ABOUT US page for a general list of my performance locations! Ask us for specific names and recommendations if you or your committee would like them!

Q: Will you perform for small, intimate, or family gatherings? A: Yes. Each performance is designed to fit exactly what you are looking for!

Q: Can people request specific songs for their show? A: Yes, but there are limits. The best method is to ask and I will do my very best to make it happen!

Q: What equipment does Dan need for us to provide for his performance? A: Nothing. As long as you have a performance location Dan travels with all of the equipment he will need for his performance whether it it outside or inside! Sound and Lighting are designed for each space and performance!

Q: Can we record performances? A: Yes, I do however like to be advised in advance. In the event CCTV or another media outlet needs to ‘patch in’ to my equipment I ask that they arrive early for a proper set up and sound check.

Q: How much do you charge? A: Every venue and event is different due to a variety of factors. However, because our production company is completely in house we offer the best price available for the caliber of performance you will be enjoying! Our mission is to bring the show to you!

Q: Does Mary perform with you all the time? A: No. Mary will perform with me on specifically requested shows and venues. Please inquire as to her availability for your event!

Q: Can you help us formulate/create our program or event? A: Absolutely! We have been directly involved with thousands of events and can offer you suggestions and advice that will save you money, time and anxiety, and keep your program exciting and dynamic!