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Retirement, Senior, Independent, Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing Centers

I take these performances very personally because I started them when my Mother was part of a wonderful assisted living facility. As her dementia progressed I noticed that although many life memories where difficult to recall the words and tunes of songs always remained. I also learned that engagement, participation, and the perfect volume is very important.

I provide the perfect balance of entertainment and engagement for “The Greatest Generation.” My performances bring memories roaring back for my audiences and stimulates the intellectual, cultural, spiritual, and historic memories that bring a wonderful experience into their lives.

Each facility and it’s residents are unique so I make it my mission to carefully create the perfect performance every time. I take the greatest pride in saying that I have a 100% return rate for repeat performances! Many facilities and centers book multiple times throughout the year! I do not include, or publish,  the extensive list of all of these centers out of respect for their privacy but will be glad to provide references if your are interested in having me come and inspire your residents and their families! Check out our FAQ page!

These types of performances are perfect for:

  • Retirement and Senior Centers and Communities
  • Independent, Assisted, and Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Triad Performances
  • Political Breakfasts, Luncheons, or Dinners that are hosting Seniors
  • Holiday or Special Celebrations for Seniors