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School Assemblies for ALL ages

My father was a Doctor of Genetics and Biology and a Professor at the University of Delaware. My mother had a Masters in Biology and taught at both the high school and college levels. I have   a Bachelor’s Degree from UMass in Criminal Justice. This combination afforded me a unique opportunity to grow up in a very academic environment.

I have also been an instructor on many subjects for the State, Plymouth, and Barnstable Police Academies and have been certified as an instructor by the FBI after completing their course of instruction for the State Police.

While performing as a member of the State Police I was frequently asked to come provide presentations and assemblies for schools. Many times these would center around celebrations for certain observances such as Veterans or Memorial Day and the Holiday Season but grew into assemblies on many different levels.

I provide assemblies for all ages of school children with different emphasis depending on the request of the principal, teachers, and parents at a specific school.

It is with the greatest of respect and understanding that when I enter into a school environment I adhere to the strictest rules of decorum and respect for the school, student, and the community in which they exist. It is for this reason that I speak in detail with the principal and the teachers to provide exactly what they require! Check out our FAQ page!

These performances are perfect for:

  • Special Observances such as Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or the Holiday Season Assemblies
  • Historical and Cultural Assemblies
  • Performance Assemblies aimed at older Performing Arts Students

If your School District, Superintendent, Principal, Teacher, or Parents Organization wishes to get more information on any of these types of assemblies please contact us for all specifics.