MC, Keynote Performances, and Radio Voice Overs

Throughout my career I have had the ability to become more than just a performer. I am asked to not only MC events but also speak on subjects I have experience and expertise in. I look back on my life and am able see all of the different communities or societies I have been a part of. Early on I was immersed in academia and the University of Delaware where my father was a professor of genetics and biology and my mother also taught biology. I was thrust into the world of Science, Laboratories, and nature. During the same time I developed my enjoyment for sport, exercise, and strength training all the while discovering vocal performance. Somehow all of these things stayed in balance as I progressed in each area. Once I was introduced to the 'military lifestyle' at Randolph Macon Academy in Front Royal, VA I was hooked. Although I returned for 2 years at the University of Delaware I couldn't resist the pull to return to the military as I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. My bio outlines all of this in detail as I describe how I continued to become a Massachusetts State Trooper and where I am today. All of these experiences has given me the ability to relate to many audiences from different backgrounds. As a Trooper I actually was pulled into a fledgling radio station that was starting up in Boston....Radio Disney where I was Trooper Dan promoting safety for children ending with my tag line.......Remember....We ARE the GOOD GUYS! Today I MC huge gymnastics events and am seen, now and again, as a ring announcer for boxing. If you can't tell I'm having a great time just telling you this story. Bottom line if you want to have a great event and need an MC or a Keynote speaker to engage your audience.....please contact me.

These types of performances are perfect for:
  • CORPORATE Events and Retreats
  • Inspirational Opening Ceremonies for Conventions and Group Meetings
  • City and Town Veterans, Memorial, and Anniversary Events
  • Military Tributes

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