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One of the things I also pride myself in is production and presentation. Before we can even begin to create the perfect performance the event or performance space has to be created to allow this to happen. That means the sound, lighting, and decor need to be adjusted and set so that it supports the show and pleases the audience. Two of the most important aspects of performance or public speaking are how the audience is hearing you and what the audience is seeing. Many conferences bring in incredible keynote speakers and put them at a podium in the shadows with terrible sound. The content of the keynote has just been negated. Having such extensive experience with a myriad of varied events give me a unique ability to advise you as to the best way to achieve YOUR goal for YOUR event. Every event has it's own 'life' and to try to force and fit it into "standard" protocol is almost a guarantee you will not generate your desired effect. As part of choosing me to perform for an opening ceremony or an entire show I will gladly offer advice and suggestions, relying on my experience, to make your event special. I had the unique experience of seeing 'behind the scenes' during the set up of a production and dedication of a Fire Station for the Reedy Creek Improvement District (Disney) in Orlando. The incredible attention to detail and pride that all of the technicians took in the project, from the sound and stage, to the show coordination, and even the arboretum staff, was a lesson in perfection I will never forget! I am certainly not Disney but I certainly try to emulate their high standard in everything I do!

These types of performances are perfect for:
  • Sporting Events and GOLF TOURNAMENTS
  • Inspirational Opening Ceremonies for Conventions and Group Meetings
  • City and Town Veterans, Memorial, and Anniversary Events
  • Military Tributes
  • Memorials or Dedications

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